Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday tidbits

This will just be a bit of rambling about the day, so get out your hand painted magic carpet and fetch a cold adult beverage of your choice and join me.  First thing this morning (well for those that really know me, it was about 10:00 am)!, but anyway, I went to Las Vegas to Joann's to use my 50% coupons.  Couldn't let those go to waste, even though I  have enough supplies of every kind to last a couple of lifetimes!  I showed my favorite checker, Joanne,  my beads in the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and she announces it as loud as possible to everyone in line and calls them over to see.  My face turned every shade of red possible.  She is a sweetheart , always a smile and a kind word.

I decided next to go get a pedicure.  Now that was an experience. The girl I got did not speak English very well at all.  She was making small talk with me and I just kept nodding and smiling, not getting a single word of it!  Then she asks me if I know Linda?  Linda who?  Oh, she says, she lives in Boulder City.  We only have about 17,000 people here! LOL!

Then when I left, there were about a bazillion pigeons all lined up in the median, trying desperately to find a little shade in the 102 degree heat, and hoping for a handout.  I know people don't like them, and think they are a nuisance, but I think they are pretty darn cute.  They looked like they were lined up like laborers waiting to get a job.  Was wishing I had some popcorn to give them.

Before I left this morning, I got the sweetest message on facebook from one of my stretching sisters, Joanne Rose.  She made my day.  What a sweetheart.  Who knew when I signed up for Misty Mawn's class, that I would make such endearing friends.  It is amazing that I feel like some of them have been my closest friends for years, and it hasn't even been a year. It was worth the money to make these friendships, even if I hadn't learned a thing! When we rendezvous in Port Townsend for Art Fest next March, it will be fun, fun, fun, till our daddy takes our T-bird away!  I guess I have 9 months to lose 30 pounds!

I have so many ideas for jewelry and art projects swirling around in my head, it is making me dizzy!  Speaking of dizzy, please say a prayer for Phyllis Peterson, she is really having dizzy spells.  We need her well, she and I have a lot of plans for 2012!

What art projects are you working on at this time?  I would love to see them.  Till next time....  xo

Monday, June 13, 2011

Create your own path.

Only you can create your own path......
when you find it and set foot on it
step boldly in the direction of what feels right.

The first steps
can be the hardest.

New landscapes
can be astonishingly beautiful.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My very first blog post!!

Well, thanks to Linda Penny I am in the blog world! My blog posts will mostly be about my  my artwork, my garden, my travels and my cats.  I will try not to bore you.  Now to post a picture.