Sunday, September 18, 2011

my heart is full

I was having a conversation with three loving friends (that live in my computer!) yesterday.  We were talking  about our class we took with Misty Mawn this past January.  I didn't realize there was a void in me that became filled with the wonderful friendships I have made through this adventure.  A lot of us will meet for the first time at Artfest in 2012.  We are sharing a house and are taking a class with our amazing teacher Misty Mawn.  The only way I could be more excited is if Joanne, Kristin, Linda, Michele and Manon were coming.  I am sure it will be a trip of a lifetime for me.  There are girls coming from the U.K., Canada and all over the U.S.  The only two people  I know (in real life!) are Jodi and Ilene.  Hmmmmm.......maybe this is why I have gained weight!  I am overfilled with love and joy!  Thank you girls, I look forward to chatting with you each and every day. We are all still together as we take Katie Kendrick's Layered Impressions class.  My life is really blessed right now.  xo 

We cannot tell the precise moment when a friendship is formed.
As in filling a vessel, drop by drop, at last there is a drop which makes the heart run over.
                                                                                                                      James Boswell

I am grateful for my old and new friendships.  What are you grateful for?  xo

Thursday, September 15, 2011

good morning caffeine!

Usually my husband is up before me and makes the coffee (thank you Lee, I appreciate you.)  I love waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  But equally as much, I love opening my cupboard to decide which cup to use that day.  I adore coffee cups and if they have polka dots on them, so much the better!  Sometimes I go for the color, sometimes the message and sometimes in a drowsy fog, I just reach for the closest one.                 

                             I AM SO NOT A MORNING PERSON!

the little red cups with the names on them i have found at thrift stores!  love them, always on the lookout.  so if you come for a visit, i may have a cup with your name on it!

What is your favorite coffee cup?  xo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

my grandfather-fred jackson leonard

I was looking through some old pictures I had, and came across these of my grandfather and I.  I loved that man.  He made the BEST buckwheat pancakes in the world!  He called me baby and was a gentle soul with an infectious laugh!  He had a beautiful garden full of flowers, but what I most remember are his orange poppies and his dichondra lawn.  It looked like clover.  We were allowed to do most anything, BUT play on that grass!  He also raised bees in the backyard and we always had fresh honey with honeycomb to slather on the homemade bisquits.  He was half Choctow Indian and could tell the best stories.  Somewhere I still have his "old grasshopper" story.  He lived to be 104 years old.

                             1955                                                       1959

 Grampa, tell me 'bout the good ole days.

an art journal page i finished today.

his garden of orange poppies swayed in the summer breeze.

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!  xo