Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Closing a chapter - 2011

I don't know about you, but life is picking up speed!  I can't believe 2011 slipped by so quickly.  I surely did enjoy this past year.  Some of the highlights of my year were:
1.  Took an online class with Misty Mawn and because of that, made some incredible new friends.
2.  Signed up for Artfest this coming March in Port Townsend, WA.  I am attending and staying in a huge house with friends I met through this class.  I know Jodi Kincaid and Ilene Harris, but everyone else has been a facebook friend and classmate, thus far!  Will take a class with the incredible Misty Mawn, Mary Beth Shaw and Lynne Perrella.
3.  Have prayed for a sick friend more than I have ever prayed before.  I love you JoJo.
4.  Have discovered some incredible artists this year....Jodi Ohl, Misty Mawn, Terra Sheridan, Jennifer Valentine,  Kecia Deveney, Tracy Verdugo, Katie Kendrick, Gritty Jane, Rachelle Panagarry, Manon Visser, Kimberly Moore, Mary Jane Chadbourne, Effy Wild, Kristen Powers, Wanda Miller, Gloria Martin, Tamara Laporte, Sun B. Lewis, Jenny Wentworth, and on and on!  This is not even mentioning the incredible artists in our class.  I am very fortunate to own artwork from some of these folks and some of my friends.   BIG GRATEFUL HEART!  I am sure that anyone that reads this already is aware of these folks, but just in case not...check them out and their beautiful blogs!
5.  Have been published four times..twice in Belle Armoire Jewelry, once in Cloth Paper Scissors Gift and Holiday and once in Kimberly Moore's Smart-zine.  Very grateful and humbled.
6.  Took an online class with Katie Kendrick.  What a treat!
7.  Took an online metalsmithing class "Handbook of Elements" with the always amazing Stephanie Lee.
8.  Took an online class with Gritty Jane....will finish it this year!
9.  Got to spend time with my Aunt and cousins in November.  I love my family!
10. Did a small craft show here in Boulder City with Marlene Roberts in December, and that was fun!
11.Dodged a big bullet with a mysterious disappearing breast lump...didn't require a biopsy, because it was gone.  Wow, the incredible circle of strong women that surrounded me.  I thank each and every one of you.
12.Took an amazing vacation to Oregon and fell in love all over again!  Can't wait till we move.  You know how there are places that just make your soul feel good and you breathe a little deeper and the smile lingers longer on your face....Oregon does that to us!  Got to meet and spend some time with Debbie Ellerd in Grant's Pass, on vacation.  Facebook friend becomes REAL friend!  xo

May you have peace in your heart all year long.

 My word for 2012 is Focus. 
1.  I am going to focus on packing and getting our houses up for sale, so we can really move.
2.  I am going to focus on actually participating and doing the work in my new Misty Mawn Class and my Gritty Jane class.  I AM going to do my book for Effy Wild's class - Book of Days 2012.
3.  I am going to focus more on my health and eating better and doing more exercise.
4.  I am going to grab every opportunity that comes along!  Classes, trips, etc.
5.  I am going to open my Etsy shop.
6.  I am going to find good in every day and be happy.

I painted this on my birthday in 2011.  I am going to live the life I've imagined!

What are your goals and dreams for 2012?  xoxo