Sunday, July 10, 2011

the desert

i have been pondering my thoughts about leaving the desert behind, when we move to oregon.  will i miss it? certain aspects i will.  i have lived here for 56 years and have suffered headaches from the unforgiving heat. and i am sad my skin looks parched with sunspots, even though it has been slathered with creams and sunscreen.  won't miss that!  i do though, enjoy spending time in the quiet, peaceful desert.  sitting on a rock, wondering who walked there before me, searching for beautiful rocks, chasing lizards that are always a fingertip away, and smelling the sagebrush after a desert rain.  sunsets in the desert are brilliant.  lightning storms are vivid.  the wild horses and burros are fascinating. searching through forgotten dumps, left by pioneers long before us is always rewarding.  looking for arrowheads and flint left behind by the indians that lived on this land, is always fun.  will i find another desert in oregon to explore..of course i will!  but in the meantime, i am giddy with excitement anticipating the rain.  that phenomenon of liquid falling from the sky that we don't get to enjoy very often here!  i know it is not for everyone, but cloudy, gray, rain swollen clouds make my heart skip a beat!  i actually get more accomplished and my muse works overtime when it is overcast.  i'll leave you with a poem i wrote after being in the desert this past year.

the desert

the desert floor sparkles like finely ground glitter
too bad it is covered in so much litter
the fresh smell of sage indulges my senses
the stillness and quiet remove all my tensions
who walked here before me, i'd love to know
lakota, choctow or maybe the crows
for now i'll enjoy this glorious day
picking up rocks along my way

what are you pondering today?  have a wonderful sunday and thank you for coming by for a visit!


dellerd said...

Oh my dear friend.....there will be so many other things to replace the ones you will be leaving behind. You won't have to chase lizards, you will have gray squirrels, deer, beautiful wild birds to feed and enjoy. Your life will be filled with something new almost daily. You will be able to have those chickens you want, and what ever else you may want to raise. Oregon is a wonderful place to raise animals. Instead of a desert to sit in, you will have rivers to see and creeks to walk in. Then on those gray dark rainy days you will see the coulds sitting on the mountains tops that surround you. The beautiful green trees dripping from rain. I gave up my home of 46 years to open my heart to this beautiful place and I never once regret that. There is only one other state that made me feel like Oregon and that is Montana. That is another good feeling....And Miss already have friends here and I am one of them!!!! So get your rear in gear...Oregon is waiting for you!!!

carlanda brown williamson said...

oh miss debbie, i am so ready for all this. i have just had this on my mind and wanted to share it. i too love montana. i keep checking the snowfall there, and keep hoping it says something else, other than 64"! it doesn't! thank you for your beautiful comment! and yes, you are my friend there! you need to start your blog, you write beautifully! do it today! xo

Charmingdesigns said...

To funny, I grew up in Salem Oregon. My husband and I lived in So. for 15 years then back to Oregon for 15 years, we moved back to So. Calif last year...the rain really got to me, the sunshine is what I needed! Just remember,don't use an umbrella, if you do, they will know you arent from Oregon. lol.
Where are you moving to? Eastern Oregon is the most beautiful desert. Enjoy!

carlanda brown williamson said...

laurie, we are planning on moving to grants pass area. i agree, the eastern desertis beautiful, and totally different from ours in nevada. are you on facebook? your post i just read on your drooling cat is funny. our two do the exact same thing! thanks for stopping by. i just became a follower on yours!

Kathy said...

A new page in your life, that's all. I felt like this when we left Cali, so beautiful there and we did so many things...then we come! To hot and wet for anything...but the people and the atmosphere are worth it. New beginnings, so awesome. You will always have your memories, onto the next phase...xo
ps, I see your Followers?

jodi said...

Oh my friend you have no idea just how much joy you will find in OR! I really mean it when I say that everyday I am amazed. by what God has created. Your skin will breathe.deep again. Your heart will swell with joy and inspiration at the pure beauty. You will smile at simple things like barn swallows & fresh eggs. Your lungs will breathe deep the fresh clean air. Live the life you've imagined!
! <3