Friday, July 22, 2011

friday's funnies

Hi ya'll! I am surprised I still have my eyes open and it is only 5:43 pm, considering I was still wide awake and chatting with Phyllis on the computer till 2:30 am or so.  Menopause and artsy thoughts and jewelry designs and painted collaged canvases racing around in my head (oh my)! makes it hard for a girl to get some decent sleep! Looks like I could pack for Europe in the bags under my eyes!!

I must say my day started wonderfully, with a shared conversation between the always lovely Joanne Rose and myself.  If she is not the sweetest, kindest, kindred spirit sister I have, I'll eat Phyllis' new hats!  Thank you Joanne.  You inspire me and I admire you!  xo

Today had some funny moments I would like to share with you.  I went to Las Vegas to get groceries at Trader Joe's and use my Joanns and Hobby Lobby coupons. I was so pleased to see that Joanns is making a large section with Tim Holtz products. They are expanding their jewelry section and carrying vintaj elements, but sadly they are downsizing their fine art section. I  got some 2 oz jars of liquitex concentrated professional acrylic paints for $1.97 ea. on clearance and some flat canvases.  Lots of coupons and some good deals.  Then went to Hobby Lobby and FINALLY  they had Jen Cushman's book "Explore, Create, Resinate".  Used my 40% off (or... as some husbands say "60% on) coupon.  Deal!  I would love to save for a nice big easel.  Hmmmm....maybe for Christmas!  My little 8x10" canvases will look just swell on a big ole easel!!  Then I went to Trader Joe's.  I had my cart full of healthy, organic stuff and I notice this lady, about my age looking at me.  Is she looking at those bags under my eyes??  She comes really close and in a low voice says "you look like you know your way around this store, can you tell me about the fruit?"  THE FRUIT??  I said I buy it all the time and it is fine.  She smiled and thanked me and left.  Bizarro!  Maybe I looked like I knew my way around the store from the size of my butt!  Then I headed back to Boulder City with the 108 degree temp.  Here I sit needing to make some phone calls and do some painting, but...there is always tomorrow!

The funnies:
1.  I saw a sign in a strip mall for "great massages".  What is the alternative?  Bad massages?
2.  A sign for a business called "Pretty Kitty", a  brazilian wax joint!!  LOL!  Wish I could have snapped a picture with my phone.  I will the next time by there.
3.  The expiration date on the vinegar.  Really?  And how do you know it has gone bad?  It smells good?

Also a miraculous day for me.
1.  I didn't buy a tootsie roll at Joanns on the way out.  (probably a first!)
2.  I didn't stop and get a bean burrito at Taco Bell.  (maybe another first)
3.  I spent less than $100.00 at Trader Joe's!

Collaged and painted on 8x10" canvas

If you are still hanging in there reading this, what did  you do on this fabulous Friday?  I'd love to hear from you.  Have a great weekend and enjoy life.  As my favorite saying goes.......Live the life you've imagined.  xo


kristen said...

Simone is beautiful! and good job at Trader Joes :)

jodi said...

Good job with the Tootsie roll! Simone does look great. She seems very regal. xo

Teddi said...

carlanda you know your way around a good story, based on how you wrote this one! it's full of the funnies, & the miracles the 60% on (ha-ha).

dellerd said...

Simone is beautiful my Dear!!! Sounds like your Friday was quite a day along with that heat you are having. This morning we woke up to 48 degrees!!! This has been going on for quite sometime. When I got home yesterday from my errand day, Jim did have the fans to 84....See what you are missing!!! Beautiful morning and I am off to work on my new art piece..xoxoxoxo

joanne said...

thank you for your sweet words and for the wonderful chat... you have a way of always bringing a smile to my face, which you've managed again telling the story of your day. Sounds like it was fruitful... :)

Simone is gorgeous (she has you in her, you know)


Lyn said...

How much to get a mention in your next post?!! Loving Simone and your idea to do a series of hatted ladies :-) xoxo

barefoot muse said...

Girl, you are hysterically funny, AND talented!!!