Monday, August 29, 2011

I come from......

Good morning!  For anyone that read yesterday's post, I said I would follow it up with this poem.  I took an online class earlier this year with the wonderful Misty Mawn.  It was titled "stretching within".  It was a drawing, painting, collage, journaling and photography class.  It was amazing!  Our first assignment was to write a poem, with the prompt, I come from................  This was the first writing I had ever done. It was hard!  But I did it, and shared it with our group and found out from reading everyone's poems, my life was not a lot different.  Everyone struggled with some issues from their childhood.  But we survived and came through and are stronger because of it.  I wrote a post earlier that was titled "don't look back".  I am trying to follow my own advice!!

                                                         I come from.............
I come from the fifties, from roots deep in the heart of Texas.  Stretching the sea from Ireland to the Choctow reservation.

I come from small town parades, walking to school, many childhood to present friends, handmade barbie clothes, antiques, gypsy blood and wheels on my feet.

I come from talent.  Mother was a blue ribbon gardener and gypsy treasure hunter and daddy was a blue collar worker and an amazing woodworker.  Talent and lives blurred and slowly washed away in alcohol.  I come from being the adult in a child's world, filled with anxiety, mis-trust and fear.

I come from loving grandparents.  Aprons, fried pies, cobblers, gardens of swaying poppies, feather beds, beehives and honeycomb, paint by number, days at the five and dime and the lingering smell of jergens cherry almond lotion.  My salvation and my rocks.

Today I am happy.
Life is great!

Today I am sad. 
Life could have been better.


my grandparents.
Ina and Fred Leonard.
thank you.

Where do you come from?


Carol Desjarlais said...

Dear Carlanda,
Yes, indeed, we are caught in the beautiful swirl of serendipity this morning!
Are we not Rising Women? Thank goddess for the sweet maturation of soul!

carlanda brown williamson said...

i guess i need to clarify one part of this! we were not real gypsys! we were junk gypsys! always looking for treasures and scouring antique stores and out in the desert digging bottles! xo

Kristine said...

Carlanda - Love your writing - It is wonderful when you give yourself permission to "be free".

I come from:
Roller skating in my 5 ft driveway, riding bikes with friends in my neighborhood, being a Bat Girl for our next door neighbors Softball team.

I come from:
Attending a Catholic grammar school, being a Tom Boy - Collecting frogs, climbing trees and wanting to ride my bicycle with no hands.

I come from:
Attending a Catholic High School with plaid skirts that would be shoved into my gym bag after leaving school, so I could wear my jeans to ride the bus home. I loved the school dances, the friendships I made, and coming of age.

I come from:
A Mom who was a Secretary and a Dad who was a Rigger. They taught us morals and values that have stayed with me. They remain to be the center of my world.

I come from:
Working hard, playing hard. I loved turning "40" because it gave me to the freedom "To Be Me". I love photography and I love writing ... I can even add that I get my creative side from my Dad - He loved sketching, photography etc ... I hope this creative life continues for a long time to come!

joanne said...

flowers all throughout this commenters... be you... be free... you're all beautiful...


dellerd said...

I see so much of myself in this poem.....and remembering my childhood is a little painful. I too try not to look back only on the good memories but a lot of pain in my childhood. So wonderful you can put into words some of your deepest is no wonder we have become was meant to be...xoxoxox

Jane said...

BEAUTIFUL writing! Loved it.

Lyn said...

I love the photo of your grandparents Carly. You are familiar with my 'I come from' poem and my grandparents hold a special place in my heart too. xoxo

Kristin said...

So lovely to read this again my dear friend... My Grandparents were also my rock... and even here in grandmother used Jergens...I can still smell the Almond so vividly!...Thank you for sharing xo

misty said...

brave & beautiful... your words, your truth, & you.
I think many of us try to hide what ails us, mind & body... but when we start sharing, opening up from the heart we realize that we are so much the same and that brings such a comfort, it's what a community is all about. your words are comfort to me, thank you. <3

sunshine barlowe lewis said...

i love this :) and I'm so glad I got to meet you in misty's class. !

barefoot muse said...

Beautifully written, incredibly moving. We shared parallel lives, and are probably around the same age. I feel your happiness, and your sadness, but despite the hard times... you shine brightly!!!! Like a happy little firefly among us.
Big heARTfelt hug,
Gloria xo

Carolyn said...

It takes courage to open up to others, but when you do others open up to you. Well written